Saint James

 Parish Safeguarding Policy


St. Peter’s, Bushey Heath

Diocese of St. Albans


Safeguarding Policy and Procedures





The Parochial Church Council (PCC) will take all reasonable care to ensure the safety of the children and vulnerable adults for whom it bears responsibility. The PCC will have due regard to issues of domestic abuse in accordance with ‘Promoting a Safer Church’ (CHP 2006).





1.  The PCC will appoint a Parish Safeguarding Officer (PSO). The current appointee is Mrs. G. Tyler.


2.  The Parish Safeguarding Officer is the person within the congregation through whom concerns about safeguarding will be channelled. This does not obviate or satisfy any requirement to inform the Police, the local Children’s Services, Adult Health and Social Care Services or any other statutory body if there are concerns about the safety or welfare of a child or vulnerable adult. In no circumstances will the PCC carry out its own investigation.


3. Any adult working in the church should know how to respond to seeing or hearing something that gives rise to a concern about the safety or welfare of a child or vulnerable adult, or about the actions of an adult in the church. The requirements are to:

  • Inform the PSO immediately. (Anyone suspecting the PSO of abuse must contact the Incumbent – or in his absence, a churchwarden – immediately).
  • If a child or vulnerable adult makes a disclosure, it should be made clear that in order to help, the information will have to be shared with another adult.
  • The child or vulnerable adult should be allowed to give an account and respond to open questions (how, when, why, who, where?).
  • The listening adult should record a verbatim account of what the child or vulnerable adult has said, and must not include any of his judgements about what may have happened.


4. The role of the Parish Safeguarding Officer is:

  • To take responsibility to ensure that the PCC complies with the Diocesan Safer Recruitment Guidelines.
  • To collate and clarify the precise details of any allegation or suspicion, and pass this information to the Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser. On rare occasions it may be necessary to inform the local Children’s Services, Adult Health and Social Care Services or the Police immediately. In this event the Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser must be informed as soon as is practicable. Under such circumstances, due consideration should be given to seeking medical attention as a priority.


5. The Parish Safeguarding Officer is responsible to the PCC for ensuring that these procedures are implemented.




6.  The PCC is only directly responsible for the following groups which include children or vulnerable adults.

  • Mothers and Toddlers
  • Sunday School
  • Over 60’s


7. Validation: Leaders aged 18 or over, working with children or vulnerable adults, willbe required

  • To provide two references and to complete an application form.
  • To complete the Churches’ Child Protection Advisory Service (CCPAS)‘Self Declaration Form for a Position Requiring a Disclosure’.
  • To complete the on-line CCPASformin order to obtain clearance from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

The Parish Safeguarding Officer will approve, on behalf of the PCC, those under 18 who wish to assist group leaders in working with children or vulnerable adults.


8.  Completed declaration forms and references will be confidential to and securely held by the Incumbent or, in the event of a vacancy, by the Rural Dean or Archdeacon.


9.  The PCC will require groups listed under 6 above to provide, in writing, at least a list of its current leaders; details of their roles and provision for training and support; when and where the group meets; its normal working pattern and the age range that it covers.


10.  The PCC will make available training in Safeguarding as required.


11.  The PCC will follow the Safeguarding guidelines and procedures issued by or through the Diocese of St. Albans. All PCC members will complete the C0 e-learning course and obtain clearance from the DBS.


12.  The PCC will carry public liability insurance and will insure all leaders and stafffor personal accident.


13.  The PCC will, on request, make a copy of this policy available at the Archdeacon’s visitation.


14.  This policy and its procedures will be monitored by the Safeguarding Officer who will report to the PCC annually in September.


15.  The PCC will review the policy and its procedures annually in the month of September and at other times as necessary.


19thMay 2018






CCPAS           Churches’ Child Protection Advisory Service

DBS                Disclosure and Barring Service

PSO                Parish Safeguarding Officer

PCC                Parochial Church Council




Contact details:



Father Andrew Burton

Tel: 020 8950 1424



St Peter’s Church Parish Safeguarding Officer

Mrs. Gill Tyler

Tel: 020 8950 7117

Mobile: 07979 937541 



Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser 

Mr. Jeremy Hirst 

Tel: 01727 818107 

Mobile: 07867 350886 



Assistant Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser

Mr. Martyn Hedley

Telephone: 01727 818106

Mobile: 07391 010033







The PCC has adopted the House of Bishops’ ‘Promoting a Safer Church; safeguarding policy statement’ and the House of Bishops’ and diocesan safeguarding policies and practice guidance.